Heat Pumps Services in Utah

Heat Pumps In Utah

Heat pumps can act like a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer, helping you enjoy year-round indoor comfort and significant energy savings. Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to draw heat out of the air and into your home in the winter. Then, during hot summer months, the heat pump pulls cool air from the air outside and pumps it inside your home.


Heat pumps are better for the environment because they do not directly burn fossil fuels to create heat. Gas or fuel oil used for heating, hot water and cooking makes up more than 10% of carbon emissions in the U.S. – with heating being the largest direct use of fossil fuels in buildings.


In contrast, an air-source heat pump can provide up to three times more heat than the electricity it consumes. That efficiency, combined with ongoing grid-wide improvements to greener energy sources, mean that over the life of your heat pump, your carbon footprint will be much lower than that of a traditional furnace.


Heat pumps work by moving air from one place to another: in the winter, they take the warmth out of outside air and pump it inside, and then reverse the process in the summer. That process alone saves your home on energy use, which in turn benefits your monthly energy bills.

Heat pumps in Utah can provide quiet operation and tend to be less noisy compared to traditional AC or furnace systems


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Service Plans

Did you know that heating and air conditioning systems are the most energy consuming appliances in your home?  If they are not performing at their maximum potential, you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on repair costs and wasted energy. We offer our customers Service Plans to stay on top of all the maintenance that your system requires.  We come to your home twice a year to tune up the system and make sure everything is functioning properly for the upcoming temperatures.  Regular Maintenance extends the life of your equipment and maximizes your energy efficiency, keeping your energy bill low.  Our Service Plan customers receive priority scheduling and discounts on repair costs.  Call today to become a valued Service Plan member and give you peace of mind.